Latest Features from VerPay

Using the VerPay Request Payments Feature

When making use of the VerPay Request Payment function – pictured below as the QR symbols on the left panel:

You, as the merchant, can enter an amount you wish to receive from the merchant dashboard.  Once you have clicked on the “Request Payment” button on the merchant dashboard ( you will be able to enter an amount you want to receive.

Once you’ve entered an amount, click on the “Request” Button and VerPay will generate a QR code for you.

Your customer can either scan the QR code, or you, the merchant, can click on the QR code to copy the link and share with the customer.

Once the customer clicks “Continue” the transactional flow will begin, and the merchant will be able to select their terms and conditions they wish to pass through. After the customer agrees to the terms and conditions, the payment can continue as per usual when using VerPay.